Podcasts from around the globe

We’ve recently been featured on a few podcasts from around the globe – from Queensland to Alaska to Italy. You can check them out in more detail with the details below, but we’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to listen to the music and talk about it on their podcasts.

AreanaCast & Interview – Featuring ‘Like Shrapnel’

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 36 – Featuring ‘The Greatest Story’

Soundwave Source – Featuring ‘The Greatest Story’

Sonotone #262 – Featuring ‘Like Shrapnel’

‘Like Shrapnel’ released

Like Shrapnel is the compelling debut EP from wandering folksters Balthazar B and the
Beatitudes. The band name is taken from the JP Donleavy novel ‘The Beastly
Beatitudes of Balthazar B’ in which the shy, retiring protagonist spends parts of his life
between Paris and London. Donleavy’s subtle mixture of melancholic yet outrageously funny prose is a major source of inspiration for the band.

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